29May 2020

This Covid-19 crisis has changed it all. For most of us, for bad. In this webinar, our President and Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, Alvaro Psevoznik, shows some ideas and tips from different marketers around the world, on how companies of all sizes should approach their customers during, but […]

09Mar 2020
The evolution of internet technology goes hand in hand with what's on the web, these are some web design trends to keep an eye on for this new year. Integrating Animation and GIFs is a great way to expose your brand. Create fun visuals by mixing photography and graphics. 3D objects can enhance user experience [...]
09Mar 2020
Websites are the front door of your company worldwide and it is paramount that you aim your design to attracting more customers and more importantly get a clear message across. This would be one of the elements to consider when designing a website, here are some more. The sites should be visually pleasing, clean and [...]
14Feb 2020
10 Marketing Trends and Predictions for Business Growth in 2020
Here are some marketing techniques you should be considering during the year ahead.  Peer Marketing: Reviews are an integral part of the marketing world regarding brand reputation, 95% of online shoppers read online reviews before making a buying decision as does 92% of business-to-business buyers. Content is still king:  Infographics are the best type of [...]
11Feb 2020
Top 5 strategies to do it right on Instagram
1. Don't try to play the system! Don't waste your money buying followers or even following thousands of people thinking that they will follow you back. Doing this won't help you get potential clients or real likes that could expose your brand.  Sometimes you could be spotted by the algorithm if you're buying followers or [...]
03Feb 2020
As a new decade starts, business owners and marketers are facing more challenges to get customers’ attention. On these competitive times, a strong and consistent strategy is the key to success, and 2020 brings a lot of new ideas, challenges, and -unfortunately- frustrations. I would like to share some ideas and thoughts to structure your [...]
03Oct 2019
What Chatbots can do for your business
As online marketing continues to ramp up, consumers’ expectations are also rising alongside it, and that includes the expectations of round-the-clock support from brands on Social Media. This is where chatbots on Facebook Messenger and other platforms come in, providing an automated, 24-hour solution to customer engagement. Some facts to consider: Chatbots can be pre-scripted [...]
09Jul 2019
Social media trends
Like most digital marketing channels, social media is always evolving. People’s behaviors are changing, and the technologies and capabilities of social media platforms are changing alongside them. Care About Your Audience This year, the top focus for marketers should be on being responsive to the people who follow you. After all, social media is all [...]
25Jul 2018
Google presents Responsive Search Ads
Today's consumers are more curious, more demanding and expect to do their tasks agiler thanks to the help provided by mobile technology. They also expect your ads to be more useful and personalized. Achieving this goal is not easy, especially when it is done on a large scale. For that reason, Google has just presented [...]
14Oct 2017
Review Marketing is here!

Reviews are one of the most important assets every business has. A good reputation means trusting customers coming for the first time and of course, coming back for more while they share their experience with others.

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